Mastervolt solar

CS30TL RP field test stage completed

Before shipping a new series of inverters to customers, Mastervolt completes a series of thorough tests. Based on 20 years of experience, we have developed a series of stringent tests that are performed in our new high power lab in Amsterdam. After successful completion of these tests, the equipment is tested once again at external institutes such as the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Once Mastervolt is confident of the reliability, safety and performance of the inverter, we start the field test.

With the SunMaster CS30TL RP, field tests were carried out at several locations throughout Europe. During a field test the interaction of the installer with the product was studied. The main improvement resulting from the test was a larger and easier to install AC plug, which was specially designed for the CS 30TL.

At this moment, the latest certifications are being finalised by external test institutes and, soon afterwards, the CS30TL will be shipping to the first customers.