Mastervolt solar

New country regulations demand updated inverter hardware

The complete Mastervolt SunMaster XS series now complies with the French UTE C 15-712-1 regulations. The firmware has been updated and a complementary grounding clamp supports easy installation according to the new requirements in France. The inverters also support larger diameter wires up to 10mm2. In larger installations, where longer cables are required, this will help to reduce cable losses.

Mastervolt’s SunMaster XS series are in readiness for German VDE-AR-N 4105 regulations. As a result, the inverters will not shut down at a frequency of 50.2Hz, instead they will gradually reduce output power. Not shutting down at a fixed frequency will result in a higher yield as the inverters will stay connected to the grid during a longer time. The XS6500 is able to provide reactive power as required in Germany.

Traditionally, Denmark has been famous for its wind energy market. But price decreases have led to renewed interest in solar PV. Reasons for Mastervolt to certify the XS series to Danish regulations. 

The European standard EN 50438 provides generic requirements for connection of PV inverters to the utility network. A country specific section lists national exceptions, derived from the Teknik Forskrift for elproducerende anlæg11 kW eller derunder, issued by

Mastervolt verified the suitability of the SunMaster XS series for the Danish grid using a series of lab tests. This resulted in a Declaration of Conformity and full TR 3.2.1 test report available on 

Certificates for SunMaster XL and IS products will be available within the next weeks as ongoing tests reach their completion.