Mastervolt solar

Solar project 'Zonnestroom' on school buildings chooses Mastervolt inverters

Mastervolt has been selected by the Oskomera Group to supply one of the largest inner-city solar projects in theNetherlands. Sixteen CS15 model inverters produce environmentally friendly power in six school buildings and three other county-buildings. For the total project 2,800 solar modules have been used, with an expected output of 467.500 kWh per year. The installations also supply data to display panels, letting pupils know exactly how much power is being generated from above them up on the roof.

The display panels are not the only attempt to make the use of solar power more tangible. The solar systems are also discussed in lessons, where their component parts, and how solar technology works, is explained to the children.

The project was financed through a national subsidy and a joint venture between the solar power plant's operator and a renewable energy supplier. The operator takes care of installing and running the system safely while the energy supplier purchases the power generated. People living near the schools are able to buy this solar power for their own needs, making the project more widely known locally.

Project ‘Zonnestroom’ has now been nominated for the most sustainable project 2011!