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Intelliweb / Intelliguard

IntelliWeb Monitoring: Carefree security of the complete system’s operation

A PV system is a major investment, but one that will eventually pay for itself. People who only rely on the ‘on’ light of the inverter plus the bills from the energy company are insufficiently informed. In your system, many different failures can occur. Examples are broken fuses, defective panels, or possibly a broken inverter. The Mastervolt Intelliweb ensures that you are getting the most out of your system. Fast identification of problems or breakdowns can prevent a loss of output, while the various read out possibilities provide an optimal insight into your system. With IntelliWeb, Mastervolt offers a complete solution, which is easy to use for the owner of the PV system. With Mastervolt IntelliGuard, we offer an online service portal, through which installers can monitor multiple systems on a single screen, using a single e-mail box.

IntelliWeb, Easy and Safe

Using the IntelliWeb portal, you can follow the performance of your PV system in an understandable way. Any problems or failures are clearly visible, and are explained using a short and understandable text. We don’t use technical codes, or complicated descriptions. If a problem occurs, you will even be informed automatically by e-mail, so that you don’t need to log in every day. All data are saved on Mastervolt’s server in the Netherlands, under European law. Safe and secure.

How does it work?

All Soladin WEB inverters by Mastervolt are equipped with IntelliWeb as standard. It uses your existing WiFi internet connection and allows the status and the current energy performance of the PV system to be checked at any location, even when the inverter is turned off. These inverters include an integrated data logger which saves all the available information. The data from the PV system are sent to the IntelliWeb server and safely recorded. In this way always a detailed history of your PV system remains available.


Activating IntelliWeb in four easy steps

  1. Install the inverter in the PV system.
  2. Connect with the inverter, which appears as a standard WiFi network.
  3. Connect to your local WiFi server on the page which appears.
  4. Create your personal account online and log in.


Duration of data storage: minimum lifespan of inverter
Maximum number of inverters: twenty per account
Social networks: Facebook, Twitter
Supported browsers: Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc
Supported inverters: Soladin 1000 WEB / Soladin 1500 WEB / Soladin 2200 WEB / Soladin 3000 WEB

Soladin WEB
Datalogger: integrated in the inverter
Connection possibilities: standard set-up, WPS (pushbutton configuration)
Distance to WiFi access point: 25 metres, depending on the surroundings
Languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, French