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Solar energy for all!

Robust inverter for maximum yield

The robust Soladin 2200 & 3000 WEB brings solar energy within everyone’s reach. These inverters ensure a professional performance for small PV systems. Thanks to built-in WiFi and Mastervolt IntelliWeb, the operation of your PV system can be monitored in a simple and clear way – at home, at a friend’s house or on holiday.

Mastervolt IntelliConcept for 5 to 10% extra yield

More than 20 years of experience in solar energy pays dividends! As well as an excellent performance in full sunshine, you also enjoy maximum yield on cloudy days. Eight built-in IntelliConcept innovations guarantee the best possible efficiency in all conditions:

  • IntelliStart
  • IntelliCool
  • IntelliTrack
  • IntelliPeak
  • IntelliGrid
  • IntelliString
  • IntelliShade
  • IntelliWeb

The result: Up to 10% extra yield, year after year!

Mastervolt IntelliWeb: Internet monitoring via WiFi

The Soladin WEB can use any existing WiFi internet connection. Simply log into your own IntelliWeb page via laptop, smartphone or tablet and you will have a clear overview of the energy yield and its financial effect. You can check at a glance whether the system is functioning properly – and since the data is updated in real time, you can always see the latest state of affairs. IntelliWeb automated monitoring guarantees maximum security.

Quick to install, versatile in use

The soundless Soladin 2200/3000 WEB inverters are ideally suited for indoor use, but can also be applied outdoors, due to its solid IP65 housing. Due to this housing, the inverters are also immune for dust. Thanks to the smart and functional design, installation takes just a few minutes. The Soladin WEB is suitable for use in most European countries.

Reliable quality

The Soladin WEB is a Dutch quality product from Mastervolt. Incorporating more than twenty years of experience in solar energy, it is guaranteed to operate trouble-free for years. The products are designed in the Netherlands under strict quality and environmental standards, like ISO9001 and ISO14001. Due to the “Zero Defects” policy, the risk of failure is reduced to the minimum. The Soladin WEB inverters are supplied with 10 years manufacturer warranty.

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