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Windmaster 500

Windmaster 500

The Windmaster 500 is a grid connected inverter for grid connection of small wind turbines. The design is based on the successful Soladin 600 solar inverter of which more than 100,000 units have been sold already. The Windmaster 500 is an OEM product and is sold as part of a system through selected system integrators. The product is to be installed only with selected wind turbines. A system evaluation is part of the qualification process.


The product is shipped with standard wind firmware and default settings. Country- and turbine specific parameters are configured by the system reseller. Configuration is done using a PC and Wizard software (password protected configuration mode).

Input protection

The product must be protected externally against over voltages that may occur in no-load and/or extreme wind conditions. Exceeding the specified maximum input voltage must be avoided under any circumstances. Most turbine manufacturers can supply a protection circuit to protect power converters from this condition. Failure to do so may cause serious damage to the inverter and will void product warranty.

Product code: 140000500


User manuals

Windmaster 500

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